Diagnostics:  DXA Scan

We are one of the few centers in Louisville Kentucky (KY) to offer dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA).  DXA (or sometimes called DEXA) is used to help diagnose your metabolism, muscle, fat, and bone.  Knowing your metabolism, muscle, fat, and bone health helps you improve your body health.  The DXA scan procedure does not involve needles or injections. Your body will not be confined or enclosed; your face will not be covered.   If you have an increase in body weight, then some of your increase in body weight could be due to an increased in muscle.  The opposite may also be true.  Even if you do not appear overweight, you may still have a high percent of body fat.  So if your scale may not be accurate in measuring your health risks, then how can you rely on a scale to achieve your body goal?  A good way to know where you are, and where you should go with your body composition is to obtain a DXA scan.  The DXA scan is especially useful to monitor your body metabolism, fat, and muscle progress during weight management interventions.

SPECIAL NOTE TO ATHLETES AND BODYBUILDERS:   Even if you are not overweight, a DXA scan is a unique “high tech” way to determine your response to nutrition, physical activity, sports, and exercise training.  If you are just starting a serious training program, or if you have already undergone serious training, a DXA scan will give you the information you need to monitor your muscle and fat mass, as well as your bone density.  Many athletes and bodybuilders find DXA scanning a useful tool in any well-structured routine training program.  Periodic DXA scan measurements of your muscle, fat, and bone takes the guess-work out of what is happening to your body.  This is whether your weight remains the same, or whether you are gaining or losing weight.  In short, the information you obtain from the “gold standard” DXA scan may be invaluable during training to help you achieve your body goal.

DXA Scan Technology

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