Diagnostics:  DXA Scan

In addition to blood work and electrocardiogram, we also access your percent body fat.  Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) is considered the most reliable measure of percent body fat.  Through performing a DEXA scan, we can provide you useful information regarding your muscle, fat, and bone.

For those who weigh less than 350 pounds, we offer one of the only DXA scans in this area, used for the purpose of measuring  the amount of muscle and fat, as well as strength of your bones (bone mineral density). The DXA scan procedure does not involve needles or injections. Your body will not be confined or enclosed; your face will not be covered.   If you have an increase in body weight, then you may have a substantial amount of muscle.  In this case, a body weight alone does not accurately assess your health risks.  A DXA scan directly measures the body’s muscle and fat (and bone).

The DXA scan may also be useful to assess your fat loss progress during weight management treatments, especially if you are engaging in routine physical activity

SPECIAL NOTE TO ATHLETES AND BODYBUILDERS:   Even if you are not overweight, a DXA scan is a unique and sophisticated way to determine your response to nutrition, physical activity, sports, and exercise training.  If you are just starting a serious training program, or if you have already undergone serious training, a DXA scan will give you the information you need to monitor your muscle and fat mass, as well as your bone density.  Many athletes and bodybuilders find DXA scanning a useful tool in any well-structured routine training program.  Periodic DXA scan measurements of your muscle, fat, and bone takes the guess-work out of what is happening to your body goal, when you are training, or when you are gaining or losing weight.

DXA Scan Technology

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