Behavior modification

Stress Management & Behavior Modification

Our mission is to improve your body composition, and improve your health. We do so through a holistic approach of intense dietary counseling, education, and personalized coaching. We give guidance regarding physical activity. We provide you education on how an increase in body fat is itself a disease, and what you can do about it.

To assist you in making healthy nutrition and physical activity choices, we will recommend stress management techniques and behavioral modification techniques.   Hopefully, the techniques you learn, and the changes you make will improve your body health.  You may also find these same techniques will not only improve your body health, but improve your mind health as well.  Our intent is to work with you in applying practical techniques that may allow you to gain better self-control over many aspects of your life.

Your Body Goal is the location where the latest in science and technologies meet established and practical stress and behavior modification techniques – all leading you towards achieving your body goal!